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Pet grooming on dogs in Fairbanks, AK

Pet grooming services in Fairbanks, AK for the treatment your pet deserves

Blue Ribbon Grooming & The Dawg Wash's wide range of services make our clients purr

For pet grooming services and doggy day care in Fairbanks, AK, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of services ranging from self service pet wash to elaborate and exotic styling for animal shows. We love looking after animals and making them looking as good as possible.

Whatever it is that your furry friend needs, you can count on Blue Ribbon Grooming & The Dawg Wash. We have years of experience working with all kinds of animals. We'll get your pet looking fantastic.

Blue Ribbon Grooming & The Dawg Wash also provides health advice and services, so that your pet isn't just left looking good on the outside. All our groomers are experienced, trained and handpicked for their love of animals to ensure that the animal you love gets the best care possible. Call Blue Ribbon Grooming & The Dawg Wash in Fairbanks for a free consultation today.

What we offer

Like humans, pets require regular grooming and check-ups. At Blue Ribbon Grooming & The Dawg Wash we know animals! You can trust that your pets are safe with us, and we'll make sure that they get the treatment they deserve. We offer:
  • Self service pet wash
  • Professional grooming
  • Skin and fur treatments
  • Nail and paw treatments
  • Doggy day care
For professional pet grooming services in Fairbanks, Blue Ribbon Grooming & The Dawg Wash is the place to go. Your pet will feel and look so much better. Contact us for more information.

Cat or dog people?

Proper pet grooming is an essential part of your pet's care and keeps them looking, and feeling, their best. At Blue Ribbon Grooming & The Dawg Wash, we are committed to helping our clients' pets stay happy, healthy and clean. They provide companionship and we love them too. At Blue Ribbon Grooming & The Dawg Wash, we really care about your pet and what it needs to look and feel its best.

We'll make sure that your pet is well taken care of and feeling good. We can offer specific and practical advice about how you can make caring for your pet even more fun and enjoyable. Call us today from anywhere in the Fairbanks North Pole area for an appointment!

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